Mission and Vision Statement

To attract, engage and motivate young professionals to make Sandusky County an even greater place to live, work and play.

To be the premier organization for Sandusky County Young Professionals, connecting its membership with the community while involving and empowering everyone’s potential.


Advance your career, meet other young professionals.

The SCYPG is built fron our area’s best talent to support and enhance our influence in the community. The SCYPG is dedicated to empowering young professionals with educational, leadership, mentoring and networking opportunities. We know Sandusky County is a great place to live, work and play; we want to showcase our assets, as well as continuing to improve the area for all to enjoy! The SCYPG offers something for everyone, whether they are new to the industry, or they’re an aspiring leader already established in an organization.

The SCYPG is committed to these three values: CONNECT with community leaders and young professionals, DISCOVER op-portunities, and THRIVE individually and as a community.


The SCYPG Connect events focuses on networking opportunities allowing individuals to pop in for a drink or appetizers and networking in a casuals atmosphere. There is no agenda for our connect events just bring your business cards and ready to share information about your business as well as possible leads for others.


THE SCYPG Discover events are quarterly events that focus on either professional development or mentoring.


The SCYPG Thrive events are quarterly events that focus on community events and personal development.

Sandusky County Young Professionals Awards

The SCYPG would like to honor young professionals who are making a difference in Sandusky County. Professionals between the ages of 21 and 45 can be recognized for the categories: Best Next Generation Workplace Award, Love Sandusky County Volunteer Award, Young Leader of the Year Award, Young Professional of the Year Award.

Nominations can be made here and are open until November 10th.


The Sandusky County Young Professionals goal is to help attract and retain young men and women aged 21-45 working or living in Sandusky County.

A one-year membership to Sandusky County Young Professionals costs $50 due annually. Membership registration can be filled out here:

If you have any questions, please contact


Financial or in-kind support of the Sandusky County Young Professionals Group empowers and sustains our growth and impact as an organization. Our programs and partnerships would not be possible without the support of the local business community.

As a sponsor for SCYPG, you will be providing the resources necessary to ensure the longevity of the organization. In addition to tangible benefits, your generosity will advance Sandusky County’s next generation of leaders while supporting a variety of other Sandusky County non-profit groups with young professional leadership and/or involvement. Download the SCYPG sponsorship packet to learn more.


Megan Craun

Megan Craun


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Andrea Gibson

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Lindsay Walters


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Kassandra Kuzma

Board Member

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Rob Roth

Board Member

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